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A selection of Turret Lugs & Solder Terminals, with cm rule &  pound coin as size comparisonWe continue to stock and supply the complete range of solder terminals, turret lugs, turret pins and pillar lugs manufactured by Enfield Automatic Products Ltd between 1948 and 1998.

Our Solder Terminals & Turret lugs are manufactured from riveting quality brass rod for ease of assembly and easy riveting and can have tin plate or silver plate finish as required, they are also serrated  on the underside to provide strong termination and prevent rotation.

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What is a Turret Lug ?

Turret lugs (also known as Turret Terminals, Turret Posts, Turret Pins, Turret Tags, Pillar Lugs or Solder Terminals ) are used to connect wires to electrical Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

Typically the ‘lug’ is first firmly attached to the PCB, normally by riveting it through a hole in the PCB; the electrical wire is then physically attached and soldered to the lug. The lug is used for ease of assembly and to provides a firm mechanical anchor for the wire (against mechanical strain, vibration, etc.) as well as a secure electrical connection, typically for larger diameter wires carrying higher currents.

Typical uses are in high quality valve amplifiers, transformers, etc.


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